8th Annual FTA Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference Presentations

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FTA Updates and Direction
Speaker: Jerry Powers
Session Description: In this session, given by the FTA Drug and Alcohol Program Manager, recent updates affecting FTA grantees will be discussed. Information on any new initiatives that the FTA is involved with will also be provided.
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ODAPC Drug and Alcohol Overview and Updates
Speaker: Jim Swart
Session Description: This session, given by the Director of the Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance (ODAPC), will outline the role of that office. In addition, this session will cover any recent changes or interpretations to the regulations. Other current topics in relation to 49 CFR Part 40 will also be discussed.
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The DOT-Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP): We Have the Smack
Speaker: Jon Speckman
Session Description: Am I supposed to know the SAP? Can we do extra follow-up tests? My SAP can put a Friday positive back to work on Monday, right? Can my SAP require a marijuana-positive to go to alcohol treatment? What’s the deal with an employee using bath salts or that “legal marijuana”? Who has to explain “dropping your pants” for the return-to-duty and follow-up tests? Come learn the ins and outs of the DOT-compliant SAP process, the roles and limitations of Drug and Alcohol Program Managers (DAPMs), and find out what real follow-up testing is all about!
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Beginner Drug and Alcohol Program Manager (DAPM) Training
 George Gilpatrick and Joe Lofgren
Session Description: Learn about the history, basic requirements, and best practices of FTA drug and alcohol testing. This session is aimed at the true beginner, and will walk participants through the key steps required to build and maintain a complete DOT-regulated employee-testing program. Topics include: a regulatory overview, your company policy, categories of testing, and the return-to-duty process.
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What You Should Expect from Your MRO
Speakers:  John Morrison and Dr. Robert Swotinsky
Session Description: Learn about the important role the Medical Review Officer plays in your drug and alcohol testing program. This session will feature an FTA auditor and a certified MRO discussing in detail the regulated services you should - and should not - expect from your Medical Review Officer. The session will include examples of what DOT requires of MROs and of what FTA requires of you, the transit DAPM, with regard to your MRO.  
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Unique Situations for DAPMs and How to Handle Them
Speaker: George Gilpatrick
Session Description: "It was a blue-bird morning as I drove my bus safely down Main Street, my head on a swivel looking for pedestrians and wayward cars, when suddenly a cow driving a Ferrari came out of nowhere…" Does this sound familiar? FTA's auditors have found that "bad things happen to good DAPMs." In this session, hear from auditors and your peers about unique environments, situations, and problems, and what strategies you can use to be prepared and respond.  
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Jeopardy!: How Well Do You Know the FTA Drug and Alcohol Program?
Speaker: Mike Redington
Session Description: Watch your peers participate in a Jeopardy!-style game show or request to be one of the contestants. Jeopardy!, one of the most popular game shows in history with its unique answer-and-question format, will be revamped to showcase contestant knowledge of DOT and FTA drug and alcohol regulations. A panel of DOT/FTA rulemaking and audit team officials will serve as judges.

Drug and Alcohol Program Implementation Aids:  Where to Get Them and How to Use Them
Speaker: Diana Byrnes
Session Description: From training materials to checklists and forms: this session will provide participants with resources for obtaining implementation aids for each aspect of their program.  The regulatory training requirements pertaining to covered employees and supervisors will be reviewed and highlighted, along with some examples of recommended training "best practices.”  The instructor will also demonstrate how to obtain and use sample policies, documentation forms, collection-site monitoring checklists, post-accident decision forms, background check consent forms, and much more.
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How to Write Your FTA & DOT Compliant Policy
Speaker: Ed VanderPloeg
Session Description: The drug and alcohol policy is the keystone of your testing program, the document to which both you and your covered employees turn when seeking information about the relevant prohibitions, tests, and consequences set forth by FTA, DOT and by your company. In this session, learn what minimum requirements FTA has when reviewing a policy for compliance, and what structures are best suited to conveying the required information to your employees in the most efficacious manner.
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Post-Accident Thresholds and Scenarios
Speaker: Leila Procopio-Makuh
Session Description: This session will cover FTA Post-Accident Thresholds and when agencies should and should not conduct an FTA post-accident test. In addition, session participants will be presented with a variety of testing scenarios.
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Q&A with the Experts: FTA, FMCSA, and ODAPC
Speakers: Jerry Powers (FTA Drug and Alcohol Program Manager), Jim Keenan (Former FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Program Manager), Jim Swart (Director, ODAPC), and John Morrison (FTA Auditor)
Session Description: This session will provide an open forum for asking questions of several DOT drug and alcohol industry experts.

Reasonable Suspicion Training

Speaker: Linda DeHerrera
Session Description: This two-hour session will cover the requirements for Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training per 49 CFR Part 655.14 (b) (2). These requirements include training on the physical, behavioral, and performance indicators of probable drug use, as well as the physical, behavioral, performance, and speech indicators of probable alcohol misuse. Certificates of completion will be mailed to participants.
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FTA vs. FMCSA: A Regulatory Comparison
Speakers: Jim Keenan (Former FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Program Manager) and John Spelman
Session Description: Learn from key oversight personnel about the important commonalities and differences in FMCSA and FTA testing regulations. Topics will include safety-sensitive personnel designations, testing category overlaps and separations, and best practices for dual-program management.
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Top Blunders DAPMs Make:  How To Rectify or, Better Yet, Avoid Them
Speakers:  Rachel Ferrante and Craig McNulty
Session Description: FTA does not maintain a blooper reel of DAPM mistakes. But if they did, these are the oversights, slips and trips that would be on that reel. Learn in this session which findings come up again and again in FTA's drug and alcohol audits, and what you can do to prevent them from happening in the first place, or how to quickly achieve and document remediation when things do go wrong.  
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You Can’t Fool Us! Catching the Cheaters
Speaker: Lorri Smith
Session Description: October 28, 2011, marked the twentieth anniversary of the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act. Since the implementation of the law in 1991, illegal drug use among transportation workers has decreased and a subculture of cheaters has emerged. An entire industry has developed to assist individuals trying to beat the testing process. Employers and their service agents need to be aware of the ways individuals cheat and how to thwart their attempts to circumvent the testing process. You will be introduced to the latest gadgets and gimmicks on the market, to the myths associated with cheating, and learn to identify your role in ensuring the integrity of your testing program by recognizing attempts to beat the system.
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FTA-Compliant One-Hour Training on the Effects and Consequences of Prohibited Drug Use
Speakers: Laurena Stoddard and Mike Redington
Session Description: This session - in compliance with ยง655.14(b) - will provide you with the full 60 minutes of training on the "effects and consequences of prohibited drug use on personal health, safety, and the work environment, and on the signs and symptoms that may indicate prohibited drug use." Participants will be mailed a certificate post-Conference, describing the session and attesting compliance with Part 655. Participants will also be provided with the resources needed to bring this FTA-compliant training back to their company and their covered employees.
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An Unreasonably Suspicious Drug and Alcohol Testing Program: A Collaborative Partnership and Campaign to Address Program Deficiencies
Panelists: Doug Holcomb, Bernie Bausch, and Kim Dunham
Session Description: Talk about suspicious! This mid-sized transit system conducted hundreds of tests over a four year period, with no positive results – other than several positive post accident tests. What went wrong? This panel discussion will provide a review of the testing patterns and tell the compelling story of the actions taken to change culture, completely revamp program management efforts and provide training and resources to supervisors and the safety sensitive staff.
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Rx/OTC Medication Use and Its Impact on Transit System Safety
Moderator:  Robbie Sarles
Panelists:  Kate LeGrow, Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority; Dr. Barry Sample, Quest Diagnostics; and Dr. Stephen Moffatt, Public Safety Medical.
Session Description:  Attend this session to hear the results of Quest Diagnostics' recent study on prescription drug misuse in the United States, learn how the MBTA in Boston has been addressing Rx/OTC medication use among safety-sensitive employees, and get an update on how Indiana’s Medical Qualification Program is impacting transit system safety in that state.  You will also hear an update from the FTA TRACS subcommittee and its work to address Rx/OTC medication use in the transit industry.
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Candidly Speaking:  DAPM Networking with Your Peers
Moderator:  Robbie Sarles
Facilitators:  Kate LeGrow, Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority; Mike Birch, IndyGo; and Russ Parish, Arkansas Transit Association.
Session Description:  Attend this session to engage in candid discussions on the important issues that DAPMs face every day.  Networking is not only a great way to share resources and information, but it is an excellent opportunity to share your successes and challenges with those who understand what you face every day as a DAPM.  This session will also provide a platform for sharing practical solutions that have been implemented and tested “in the trenches.”  Systems will be organized by size (rural, medium, and large) and facilitated by a transit system representative.  Have a burning question you’ve been wanting to ask others in your position?  Then, this is the session for you!
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Phoenix - 8th Annual Federal Transit Administration (FTA)  Drug and Alcohol National Conference - April 9-11, 2013