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Safety and Security Statistics

The Transit Safety & Security Statistics & Analysis Annual Report provides uniformly collected comprehensive safety and security data. These data are collected from all recipients or beneficiaries of Urbanized Area Formula funds through the National Transit Database (NTD) Reporting System. 

Why is there a large drop in certain data elements beginning with 2002?

The extreme drop in the incidents, injuries, collisions, and not otherwise classifieds (personal casualties) for 2002 is due to the change of the incident thresholds, specifically the definition of injuries, in the NTD. The injury definition was changed for the 2002 revision of the NTD to coincide with other USDOT modes. Only incidents involving immediate medical treatment away from the scene now qualify as reportable injuries. Previously, any reported incident/injury was reported to NTD. It was felt that this resulted in the collection of claims-based as opposed to safety-based data.

The property damage reportable threshold was also changed for 2002. Incidents that involve total property damage (not only transit property) exceeding $7500 are reportable to the NTD. Previously, the threshold for property damage incidents was $1000 in transit property damage only.

Also, all Commuter Rail (CR) Safety statistics are now derived from the FRA Rail Accident Incident Reporting System (RAIRS).

Purchased Transportation consists of public transit agencies or private carriers who provide public mass transportation services under contract to recipients of Urbanized Area Formula funds. Purchased Transportation reported data are only for those services provided under contract. A list of all reporters is included in the body of this report.

Transit safety data are collected in four basic categories: Collisions, Derailments / Buses going off road, Personal Casualties, and Fires. Each of these categories is further delineated in order to obtain detailed information on the exact nature of the incident. All transit agencies subject to NTD reporting are required to report safety data.
Updated: Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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