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System Security Awareness


Know what is going on, how to react, and whom to inform. When responding, it is important for you to remember to remain calm and follow agency protocols and procedures. Gather and report as much information as possible and maintain communication with customers and the control center. When necessary, enlist the help of other employees and customers and identify yourself toarriving responders in order to assist them as directed.   

Immediately notify the proper authority, verify the accuracy of     the information you are reporting, await direction, confirm the instructions received,   and be sure to avoid, if possible, the use of radios or cell phones within 300 ft. of an   incident involving explosive devices or suspected explosives.

If the person is in a restricted area, calmly  approach the suspicious person and ask him/her for an ID   card or badge, if you can help them, whom they are there to see, and/or if you can escort them out of the area. If you    find a person threatening or dangerous, do not approach him/her and never attempt to hold or detain a person. As they leave, note their direction of travel, description of license  plate, clothing, and personal characteristics.

Report a detailed descriptionof the object and attempt to secure the area.  Do not touch or move the object, or use a radio or cell phone within 300 ft. of the package if you suspect it is an explosive device. Await direction from your authority and do not  re-enter the secure area.

Isolate, secure, and evacuate the area. Movepeople upwind and uphill away from the substance and if possible, shut down the HVAC system to avoid spreading the contamination.  Do not, under any circumstances, touch, move, or cover the substance.


Minimize harm to yourself while carefully fulfilling your duties and responsibilities to your best ability.  Never forget the transit priorities when confronted with an abnormal situation: