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FTA-Sponsored Courses (Training Catalog)

Transit Passenger Safety & Emergency Management Courses
Connecting Communities (CC001)
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (Upon host request) (FT00531)
Crisis Communication for Transit Employees (NTI-221)
Effectively Managing Transit Emergencies (FT00456)
National Incident Management System and Incident Command System: An Introduction for Public Transit Personnel (NTI-094)
Securing Community Mobility (NTI-009)
Transit System Security (FT00432)
Transit System Security-Design Review (Upon host request) (FT00538)
Transit System Security: Design Review (FT00538)
General Transit Safety Courses
12th Annual FTA Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference (DANatConf)
Advanced Mobility Device Securement Skills Development Workshop (NTI-017)
All-Hazards Awareness and Preparedness for Transit Employees (NTI-021)
Building Diversity Skills in the Transit Workplace (NTI-001)
FTA Substance Abuse Training Sessions (FTA SubAbuse)
Harassment Prevention Train-the-Trainer (NTI-004)
Harassment Prevention for Transit Employees (Direct Delivery) (NTI-002)
Harassment Prevention for Transit Supervisors (Direct Delivery) (NTI-003)
Infectious Disease Awareness and Prevention (NTI-005)
Musculoskeletal Disorder Awareness and Prevention (NTI-006)
Reasonable Suspicion Determination for Supervisors Seminar (FT00546)
Reasonable Suspicion and Post-Accident Testing Determination Seminar (FT00566)
Relating SMS Principles to TSSP Certificate Training Courses: A Bridge (Under Development) (FT00563)
Robbery: Pick Pocket and Identity Theft (NTI-007)
SMS Principles For Transit (FT00564)
SMS Safety Assurance (FT00561)
Safety, Security, and Emergency Management Considerations for FTA Capital Projects (Under Development) (FT00551)
Substance Abuse Management and Program Compliance (FT00465)
Toolbox for Transit Operator Fatigue: Putting the Report Into Action (NTI-015)
Transit Industrial Safety Management (FT00457)
Transit Safety and Security Audit Course (FT00547)
Transit Supervisor Certification Course (FT00545)
Transit Supervisor Certification Course (FT00545)
Understanding H1N1 Risks in the Transportation Sector - Train-the-Trainer (NTI-018)
Violence in the Transit Workplace Prevention, Response and Recovery (NTI-016)
Violence in the Transit Workplace Prevention, Response and Recovery (Train The Trainer) (NTI-019)
Transit Rail Courses
Advanced Rail Incident Investigation (FT00461)
Transit Rail Incident Investigation (FT00544)
Transit Rail System Safety (FT00543)
Transit Rail System Safety and Security Audit Course (FT00547)
Transit Bus Courses
Advanced Problems in Bus Collision Investigation (FT00556)
Bus Operations Control Center Dispatch Response to Critical Incidents (NTI-020)
Fundamentals of Bus Collision Investigation (FT00435)
Instructors Course for Transit Trainers (FT00562)
Transit Bus System Safety (FT00533)
On-line Courses
Curbing Transit Employee Distracted Driving (Online Course-go to (FT00555)
Fatigue and Sleep Apnea Awareness for Transit Employees (Online Course-go to (FT00558)
Transit Bus Nomenclature- (Online Course-go to (FT00552)
DHS Grant-Eligible Courses
Identifying IED Threats to Public Transit Seminar (FT00550)
Rail Operations Control Center response to WMD Incidents (NTI-008)
Transit Response to Bus Hijackings Seminar (FT00463)
Transit Response to Rail Hijackings Seminar (FT00532)
Updated: Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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