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Document Title:Balancing Rx/OTC Programs with Employee Safety and Health - What an Employer Should Know
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Main Category: Drug and Alcohol
Organization: FTA
Sponsor Agency: FTA
Report Type: Brochure
Description: For over a decade, the Federal Transit Administration has expressed concern about prescription and over-the-counter (Rx/OTC) medication use by safety-sensitive employees and the impact the use of these medications can have on transit system safety.

As an employer of safety-sensitive employees, you are encouraged to establish a program which fosters a partnership between management, employees, and their prescribing health-care professionals (HCPs) or pharmacists to address this concern. It is vital for you to be aware of how Rx/OTC medications may affect your employees' ability to perform safety-sensitive functions and to address it as part of your Rx/OTC Program.
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