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Document Title:Drug and Alcohol Testing Results 1997 Annual Report
Number of Pages: 84
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KeyWords:safety-sensitive, random testing, alcohol testing, drug testing, FTA-covered employees
Main Category: Drug and Alcohol, DAMIS Annual Reports
Organization: U.S. Department of Transportation
Research and Special Programs Administration
Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
55 Broadway, Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02142.1093
Organization Report Number: DOT-VNTSC-FTa-98-7
Sponsor Agency: U.S. Department of Transportation
Federal Transit Administration
Office of Safety and Security
400 Seventh Street, SW
Washington, DC 20590
Sponsor Agency Report Number: FTA-MA-26-5001-98-1
Report Type: Annual Report
Description: A compilation and analysis of mass transit drug and alcohol testing reported by transit systems in the United States during 1997.
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