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Document Title:What Employers Need To Know About DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing [Guidance and Best Practices]
Number of Pages: 60
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KeyWords:49 CFR Part 40, substance abuse regulations, drug and alcohol
Main Category: Drug and Alcohol
Organization: US Department of Transportation
Office of the Secretary
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Sponsor Agency: ODAPC
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Description: If you employ safety-sensitive workers who must have Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol tests, or you manage a DOT drug or alcohol testing program, this publication can help you understand how to run an excellent program that meets DOT requirements.

This is not a legal document that adds to or makes any official interpretations of DOT rules. This publication is for educational purposes only. This booklet is a companion to our earlier publication for employees, ¯What Employees Need to Know About DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing.
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