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FTA-Sponsored Training - FTA Substance Abuse Training Sessions

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FTA Substance Abuse Training Sessions (FTA SubAbuse)
FTA2019 Colorado Springs, CO October 8, 2019 Register
FTA2019 South Bend, IN December 3, 2019 Register
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ID:FTA SubAbuse
Event Name:FTA Substance Abuse Training Sessions
Continuing Education Units (CEUs):N/A
Length:1 Day
Attendance/Materials Fee:Free
Overview: As an adjunct to the FTA Drug and Alcohol National Conference, this one-day seminar is designed to provide essential facts and information to facilitate employers' compliance with DOT's 49 CFR Part 40 and FTA's 49 CFR Part 655. While a high-level overview of the regulations will be discussed, this seminar will focus more on the operational side of a transit agency's functions.
Prerequisites: N/A
Who Should Attend: Transit employers substance abuse program managers, human resource managers, safety managers, and vendors for transit substance abuse programs.

Updated: Monday, August 22, 2016
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