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15th Annual FTA Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference

May 11-14, 2021 / Virtual

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Presentations & Course Descriptions
Advanced Drug and Alcohol Program Manager (DAPM)
Lori DeCoste, Michael Redington & Felicity Shanahan
Explore advanced program topics with the Volpe Center’s FTA Drug and Alcohol Project Office staff. In addition to hearing about key technical issues and interpretations, attendees will be able to discuss their own questions with the auditors and their peers in an open-forum format. Note: This class is for DAPMs with over 5 years of experience in their position.
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Beginner Drug and Alcohol Program Manager (DAPM)
George Gilpatrick & Joseph Lofgren
This half-day class is designed for the true beginner where he or she can learn about the history of drug and alcohol testing in the transit industry, the basic requirements of the federal rules, and DAPM/DER responsibilities under 49 CFR Part 655 and Part 40. Step by step, the speakers will guide the participants through the building blocks that make up a compliant FTA program. Through discussion of "best practices," the participant will learn efficient and effective methods used by covered employers to comply with the regulations. Other topics include: policy and training requirements, categories of testing, testing procedures, responsibilities of service agents, recordkeeping and DAMIS reporting.
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Collection Site Review and Mock Collection
Toni Clay
The collection site is an integral part of a compliant drug and alcohol testing program. In this session, participants will learn key strategies for assessing the compliance of their collection sites. Topics include physical site security and integrity, the review of federal forms, and the mock collection process.
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DOT Test Refusals
John Spelman
Learn from an FTA auditor about the different circumstances that lead to a determination that an employee has refused a DOT drug or alcohol test. In this session, the speaker will discuss the DOT refusals as defined in Part 40, as well as some common pitfalls and best practices to avoid them.
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Drug and Alcohol Testing Trends: MIS Reporting
Michael Redington
This session will provide guidance and answer commonly asked questions about how to quickly and accurately complete the annual FTA/DOT reporting requirement. In addition, attendees will look at interesting trends and testing results compiled from nationwide results submitted over the last several years.
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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About EBTs and Alcohol Testing
Edward Conde
Learn from an expert about evidential breath testing devices (EBTs) for alcohol testing. In this session, the speaker will discuss the effects of donor behaviors and environmental circumstances on alcohol test results. Other topics include popular methods used to try to beat the test, common errors made by Breath Alcohol Technicians, and interesting legal challenges.
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Post-Accident Testing Thresholds and Scenarios
Trent Fontanella
This session will present the FTA’s definition of an accident and the thresholds for testing in clear, layman’s terms. It will cover the necessary steps that must be taken once a post-accident testing decision has been made, including the testing windows and documentation of the event. It will conclude with a review of several real-life accident scenarios.
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Testing for Small and Rural Transit Providers: Challenges and Best Practices
Craig McNulty
Although small transit employers generally have limited resources, personnel and service vendor options they are responsible for the same level of compliance as their urban counterparts when it comes to the FTA drug and alcohol testing regulations. In this session, discuss best practices and get practical solutions to challenges directly related to creating and maintaining a compliant drug and alcohol program for small and rural transit employers.
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TPA Oversight
Toni Clay
Many covered employers use a third-party administrator (TPA) to help them perform the tasks necessary to meet the requirements of 49 CFR Part 655 and Part 40. However, employers still remain responsible for compliance with these drug and alcohol testing regulations, even when using a TPA. This session will present the various activities that a TPA may perform, and will discuss the responsibilities employers have to ensure a successful and compliant relationship.
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